David Mock

Faculty Developer/Instructional Designer [FDID]

I am a Florida native but grew up moving throughout the US (with a few years in Toronto). I hold a Masters in Education Media, Design & Technology, a Bachelors in Digital Arts & Design, and an Associates in Recording Arts.

I started teaching undergraduates in 1999 at Full Sail University, and over the next two decades taught a range of subjects like Recording Arts, Multimedia Production, Sound Design, Music Creation, Digital Literacy, and Creative Presentation. The school’s framework of accelerated education (teaching a new set of students each month, every month of the year) rapidly developed my instructional design techniques and skill in the classroom and then into the online environment in 2008.

In 2019, I joined The Los Angeles Film School as the Program Director for Liberal Arts Online, redesigning the program curriculum and media to align with the needs and growth of the diverse student body. In 2024, I hope to use that knowledge and experience to benefit the Valencia College family.

Outside of education, I am usually hanging out with my wife Sharyl and our 2 dachshunds, Reese and RZA. When not doing that, I am digging for records to make beats with & scratching on turntables. My collection currently stands at around 6,000 records, comprised of genres like Soul, Funk, Hip-Hop, RnB, Reggae/Dancehall, Prog-Rock, and Jazz.


West Campus
CTLI - Bldg 6, 3rd floor


Virtually Mondays- Friday, 9a - 5p
On-campus: Tuesday & Wednesday, 9a - 5p