Demetrius Smith

Professor of Political Science

Hi, I'm Professor Demetrius Smith, I have been at at Valencia for 11 years, teaching U.S. Government, State & Local Government courses. I have many duties, but working with students is the most rewarding aspect of my career.

For as long as I can remember, I have loved politics. I have always enjoyed talking about government and politics for as long as I can remember. In high school, I enjoyed city and county commission meetings and election season. I liked political science so much that my undergrad major was Political Science and my Master’s also has a state and local government emphasis. I am a graduate of the great Florida A & M University!

I consider myself an avid sports fan and love all things Football, Basketball, Baseball, and Golf. I’m a golf lover at heart and spend the majority of my free moments trying to work on my game, and I think I'm getting better but who knows because my score stays the same for the most part. I enjoy playing different courses and I always have my clubs and shoes in the trunk, I even carry a golf shirt and socks in the back seat just in case someone wants to play.

My greatest strengths are organization, communication, listening, and always wanting to learn new things. My greatest professional contributions are assisting students in “building bridges” to link all the pieces of college success.


Osceola Campus


Monday 8:45-9:45
Tuesday 12:15-2-15
Wednesday 8:45-9:45
Thurdsay 12:15-2:15
Friday 8-2 online