Fabiano Mayrink Isenhour

Professor of Biological Sciences with a focus on plants and botany

I am a professor and a plant biologist passionate about natural history. I grew up in Brazil and now live and teach in Florida, USA. I lecture Botany (BOT 2010C), Plant Physiology (BOT 2510C), and Ethnobotany (BOT 2800). Other courses I've taught include Plant Pathology (PLP 2001C) and Biological Sciences (BSC 1005). To learn more about who I am, please follow my Instagram @biologyofplants

I have a bachelor's degree major in Education with a concentration in Biological Sciences. I also have an academic master's degree in Plant Biology. I'm a Valencia College Associate Professor, and I have worked in the West Campus since 2018 as an adjunct (part-time) professor.

Check the classes I am currently teaching by searching for my last and first name. Isenhour, Fabiano.

Plant science is an extremely valuable field of expertise since fauna and humanity has depended on plants for survival for hundreds of years. If you also like Biology but are interested in plants instead of animals and seek an associate degree, you might be interested in an associate degree in Plant Sciences.

If you live in Central Florida, at Valencia College, you will find a perfect place to start. You can choose from an associate in arts or an associate in sciences. Further, I suggest taking a look into these degree pathways.

Plant Science Degree Pathway.
Plant Science and Agricultural Technology Pathway.

Looking to transfer to a university for a bachelor's degree after earning an associate degree? In that case, the Valencia College Plant Sciences track will put you in the right direction for either the following:

University of Central Florida (UCF) Plant Sciences track
University of Florida (UF) Plant Sciences track

First, however, I encourage you to consider applying for Undergraduate Research while you are at Valencia College. Check for more details on my website under the link about undergraduate research. As scientific education is one of the foundations of higher education, it is important to take this path along with your major.

I truly hope that our botanical friends find a way into your heart, mind, and spirit!

Professor Fabiano.