Dr. George Brooks

Professor of Humanities,
Medieval Studies,
History of Science & Technology

Greetings! I teach the "old stuff" in the Humanities department on East Campus: Ancient, Medieval, Renaissance, Mythology. I was trained as a medievalist at Florida State University, where I received my Ph.D. But I was put on to this successful career course because I began my college education right here at Valencia! No matter where you want to go in life--Valencia is a better place to start!

My special interest is in pre-modern technology and engineering, especially the medieval period in which watermills, windmills, mechanical clocks and gothic cathedrals all reflect the ingenuity of our ancestors who did not, as it turns out, live in "The Dark Ages" --rather, the medieval period was where the modern West began to take shape. I have published several articles and book chapters on medieval technology, and in my spare time I like to build reconstructions of early technology, including everyone's favorite: the trebuchet (medieval catapult), of which I have built several over the years.


East Campus


Due to Covid-19 there is limited physical presence on campus. I can be found in my office on Tuesdays from 1-2, and can arrange other times by appointment. For most cases, it is easiest to just email me as I check that multiple times a day every day except Saturday.