Jerry Reed

Professor, Computer Programming

Professor, Programmer, Gadgeteer, Friend to Bats.


West Campus
Building 7, Room 7-126 and CAP MakerLab 7-122
(407) 582-5583
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Monday, Wednesday, 9-11AM, RM 7-126,
Tuesday, 2-4PM, Rm 7-126
Monday through Friday, 1-2PM, On-line
E-mail or leave Voice-Mail anytime.


Embedded Computing MakerLab: Embedded MakerLab

Important Announcements
Our MakerLab and Embedded Club

Focused on integrating hardware and software, this informal club offers creative opportunities for students and staff. Following on several semesters of a successful Embedded Computing class, club members use the facilities of Valencia’s Embedded Makerspace to work on individual and group projects. The Embedded Makerspace is also used by students in other areas, such as students working on LSAMP projects, personal projects, and senior design projects in the Electrical Engineering Technology Program. The club is open to people at all skill levels who want to learn more about hardware and software. Current members comprise a diverse group of students, former students and staff. The Embedded Makerspace features soldering stations, voltmeters, oscilloscopes, a 3D printer, and a 3D scanner, as well as mechanical, electrical and computer supplies. For example, motors, wheels, structural elements and robot kits can and have been used for projects. E-textiles starter kits are available and have been used for projects like decorating a Halloween bag and adding LEDs to Christmas ornaments. Arduino, Raspberry Pi and various NeoPixels are used in programming classes and have been featured in many projects. Hand tools and supplies are organized neatly in a compact space.
Last updated 1/1/2019

Please stop by my office, 7-126 to chat

I'd love to talk to anyone interested in programming/coding, whether you are enrolled in a class currently or not. I am especially interested in Robotics and Arduino/Raspberry Pi projects and programming. Hope to see you soon!
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