Prof. Jose Colon


Graduated from:

New York University -
M.A. Degree in Bil. Ed. and Secondary Math Ed.
Herbert H. Lehman College -
B.A. Degree in Computer Science minor Secondary Math Ed.
Hostos Community College -
A.A. Liberal Arts

Over 30 years teaching Secondary Ed. Mathematics and College Mathematics

Born in Puerto Rico


Osceola Campus
4-346/Virtual office thru Zoom


Important Announcements

Hi Everyone, Welcome to Intermediate Algebra! My name is Jose A. Colon and I'm looking forward to being your math professor this term. I hope you had a wonderful school year and are looking forward to acquiring new math skills. I believe effort is the most important component of success. My most successful students consistently attend class, complete their homework, do practice problems prior to quizzes and tests, and ask lots of questions. It is important to get off to a good start and keep the momentum up throughout the semester. As with all of life, integrity is important and I expect it of all my students. In my classes, I try to use real-life problems. I’ll usually introduce something new and then allow you to work a problem or two as “group work”. I encourage working together on your daily homework as well. Please visit our Depot as often as possible, there are great tutors there waiting to help you. Most homework is done using – a web-based computer program. Studies show that Mathas has helped to improve students' math grades. It is very important that everyone be set up with Mathas by our second class meeting. In addition, there are plenty of videos available to you on blackboard that could make your learning experience a positive one. Some additional information about me... I am a proud grandfather of 6, love to read (math, mystery, computer), take walks with my wonderful wife of more than 30 years, go to the movies, ride bicycle, play video games (if times allows), and grow my own vegetables to mention just a few. If you ever have any questions, please do not hesitate e-mail me. Professor Jose A. Colon
Last updated 8/21/2013