Jemima Lindbeck


I've been interested in science and in teaching as far back as I can remember. I got a microscope as a birthday present when I was 12. I played teacher to neighborhood children when I was in elementary school. I am the fifth generation in my family to take up college or university teaching. My undergraduate college degree was a BSc in Biology. During my college years I also worked as a teaching assistant for human physiology, animal physiology, plant physiology, cell physiology, and genetics. After college I was accepted into a Medical Scientist Training Program and earned a PhD in biochemistry and an MD degree from Loma Linda University. I then worked at a family practice residency in Orlando for four years (three years as a resident and one as an attending). After my daughter was born I quit practicing medicine and switched to teaching. I taught for four years before I came to Valencia College. I have now been teaching at Valencia college ever since 2001. I feel I have found the place I belong and that I am doing the job that my whole life has prepared me for.

I strive to teach in such a way that the material will be as easy as possible to understand but rich and deep enough to provide students with a strong background for future classes. I believe a picture is worth a thousand words and I like to use a lot of images in my lectures. I try to include material that will be useful to students immediately in their lives as well as material that will be useful in future classes and careers. I try to provide as many resources as I can at my class websites. I believe learning in the laboratory setting will be better if there are hands-on and interactive experiences included. Although I have been teaching for many years I am always looking to improve my classes every semester. I welcome insights from my students that help me accomplish that.


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Fall 2021 Office Hours:
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday
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