John Scolaro

Senior Teaching Fellow/Professor of Humanities

I. Biographical Summary of Professor: Born in Tampa's Ybor City. Educated at a Liberal Arts college in East Tennessee long, long ago. Completed graduate level study at the Catholic University of Leuven in Belgium before many of you were born. Married the right woman! We have 4 children (2 girls, 2 boys), old enough now to be our siblings, and 7 grandchildren (4 girls, 3 boys). Recently published a book entitled "American Dog House: How to Get In, How to Get Out" by Willie GetOut?, which is my 'pen name'. Love yard work! Will even do windows! Will also work for food! Enjoy biking. Speak more than one language. Consider teaching my life. Have family in Europe, Canada, Asia, and South America. Am a wannabe writer, actor, poet, and radio commentator. Hoping that you will lower your guard, step up to the academic plate, take a swing with me, and hit a home run this session.


II. Philosophy of Education: Here's what I'd really like you to know about my own intellectual journey as long as you promise never to forget what I'm about to tell you. Promise? Cross your heart and...? O.K., then, here it is in a nutshell: My philosophy of education includes the following essential components: (1) Content, (2) Method, and (3) Dialogue. You'll discover more about how I've learned to apply these personal "notes" in my own symphony of life as the course unfolds. For now, I'd like you to remember the following simple axioms: "Be Yourself", "Don't Wear Your Feelings On Your Sleeve", "Learn To Appreciate Diversity", "Talk To Me, I Wanna Know", and "Put The Ideas You Encounter Into Your Own Words". If you can actually put any of this stuff into practice, you'll discover what took me a lifetime to learn: PRACTICE MAKES IMPROVEMENT!!! So, whatdayawait'nfo? The real answers are already inside of you! 

III. Course Policies: This is really easier than skydiving and chewing bubblegum at the same time! There are only four important points in this "score" to remember. Here they are: (1) Be here; (2) Do your work; (3) Talk to me; and (4) Respect others. Also, access your Announcements Link, via Canvas, regarding cell phone use in the classroom.

IV. Course Requirements: You're gonna have to read the course book(s) as well as complete the course requirements as specified in your course syllabus. Know what I mean? This will require a real effort on your part. Giving me a piece of your mind every time we come together for "show and tell" or the "dog and pony show" is more important than you or your mother could ever imagine. The rest will fall into place as the course unfolds or my grandmother's name wasn't Rosina! 

V. Important Fall Session 1-2021 Dates: Please consult Valencia's Academic Calendar/2021-2022 for this information. It'll tell you everything you ever wanted to know but were afraid to ask! I don't wanna hear about how you gotta miss class because friends of yours are flying in to the airport and you gotta be at the gate to pick'em up. Let'em walk! O.K.? 

VI. Things To Remember: Here they are: (1) "Man Who Take Few Notes Now, Get Big Shock Later" [Confucius]; and (2) "The Important Thing Is Never To Stop Questioning" [Albert Einstein]. If you can find a way to store and retrieve these two insights as well as the other stuff in the five other paragraphs above, you'll be well on your way to a stellar performance of your own original symphony! 


Phone: N/A

Email: OR Canvas

Office: West Campus

Location: Bldg. 6-327

Hours: See Office and Class Schedule based on the Announcements Link via Canvas.


West Campus
Bldg. 6-327