Mrs. Kimberly Brewster

Visiting Professor

In 2019, I retired after 20 years of law enforcement from the Orlando Police Department as a Master Police Officer. I have a masters degree in Criminal Justice from UCF and teach at Valencia College and UCF. I enjoy reading, spending time with family, and learning something new each day. I will challenge you to push yourselves to the next level in your education path. I teach Introduction to Criminology, Contemporary Issues in Criminal Justice, Policing Systems and Procedures, Human Trafficking, Multicultural Law Enforcement and Criminal Investigations. I am a practitioner with the Peace and Justice Institute, and a consultant with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.


West Campus
Building 11 Room 103
Faculty WebSite


Available before class and through email. Please use Valencia email addresses only. I do not respond to personal email addresses.

: The required book for Multicultural Law Enforcement is Multicultural Law Enforcement, 7th edition, by Robert Shusta,D. Levine, A. Olson. The required book for Criminal Investigations is Criminal Investigation, 5th edition, by Steven Brandl.The required book for Introduction to Criminology is Introduction to Criminology, 3rd ed., by Schram/Tibbetts.