Katherine Muniz

Professor of English

Known by most as Mrs. K, Professor K has been a teacher since 2011. She first stumbled upon teaching as an elementary school teacher having taught all grade levels from PK3-2nd year of college!

She originally went to school to become a psychologist, the kind with a leather chaise and thick-framed glasses. She even graduated with a BA in Psychology from FIU while raising a daughter and pregnant with a son. She also started working as an editor and writer for several fortune 500 companies.

After trying to find a job, internship, anything during the recession she decided to move back to her home country, Nicaragua, with her family. There is where she found her passion for teaching and how she started as an elementary teacher.

While little children are cute, she quickly realized that she enjoyed teaching older students (mainly high school) about English literature and shared that passion for reading and writing. Never known to slack off, she pursued her MA in English while working a full-time teaching job with two young children. It was then she realized that she wanted to transition to teaching at the college level. Since 2015, she has taken interests in how to teach students to take ownership for their education. Having been an online student for both her undergrad and grad, she understands the level of intrinsic motivation it takes to meet your goals.

She has spent years crafting her curriculum to be student-centered in the sense that they are in charge of what they learn, how they learn it, and how far they want to push themselves.

Her favorite thing about teaching is when students realize their potential and meet it, but she also appreciates those students who know what they want and need and go for it.

Professor K isn't afraid to make you feel uncomfortable and challenge you as a student. She also isn't afraid to push the limits of education and is always open to new methodologies as long as the end result is that the student is in charge of their education.

Professor K welcomes all kinds of people in her class and don't be surprised if she starts to scold you in Spanish to get moving and get your work done.


West Campus


Monday & Wednesday
11:00 am – 2:00 pm*
Building 3 Room 121

Tuesday – Thursday
8:30 – 10:30 pm
Online - Zoom

*Most of the time these are scheduled via appointment. Please use my Calendly page (see below) to book an
appointment if you want one-on-one time or want to do a zoom. Understand that when I’m on
campus I try to be as available as possible.

Other than these designated times, I will be on campus most days EXCEPT Fridays. If you want to
grab a coffee and just talk, let me know and I’ll be more than happy to.

Also, if these times don’t work for you, please Canvas email me to schedule another time that
works for us both.