Dr. Laura Stevens

Professor of Humanities and Fine Arts

“The creative endeavors of a culture evolve with each generation; that dynamic process engages our intellect and spirit, making it relevant to humanity. While looking back, let us not forget to consider the future…”

Hello Fellow Scholars…

My name is Dr. Laura L. Stevens, and I have been a part of the Valencia learning community for over a decade. I have developed traditional, blended/ hybrid, weekend, and online courses for the Humanities. My areas of focus include Humanities(Intro), Fine Arts, World Religions, Western Philosophies, Mythology, Art History, and Architectural History. I also develop curriculum and work free-lance, writing grants and editing museum publications.

I embrace educational accessibility; to that end I have dedicated much of my professional effort to meeting academic rigor with student need. From developing specialized courses for deployed military to outreach for rural and underrepresented student groups, I believe in the promise of an enlightened tomorrow.

My personal interests…

I really enjoy coffee-house culture, social media, Independent film, theater, popular cinema, blogs, and occasionally ‘what’s trending’ on YouTube.

Online Publications…

The Times Online (London), Hareetz.com, and the New Yorker.

Committee Efforts…

I have served on the board for the Heritage Museum of Northwest Florida, Advisory to Argosy University’s School of Education, Northwest Florida State College’s Committee for Distance Learning, F.U.W.A. of Beijing, China (2007), actively promoted Student Model U.N. within Okaloosa-Walton County, served on the Curriculum Committee to establish FLDOE gen ed standards.


Tablets to Twitter, Pearson Publishing Inc. New York, 2013
Developing Outcomes, Praxis Conference, Argosy University, Tampa, 2012
Quality Matters in Online Programs (BSN focus), Northwest Florida State College 2012
Faculty Perceptions of Online Rating Systems, Argosy University, 2011
Vietnam Veteran War Memorial, “The Wall that Heals” exhibit, 2010

I believe we must seek a global perspective…

I have walked in footsteps of St. Peter, climbed the Great Wall, stood in the shadows of the Pyramids, hiked across the Scottish Highlands, explored the ruins of the ancient Maya, met the man who discovered the Terra-Cotta Warriors of Xian, dug through a third century Gaul settlement, stared at the face of Chairman Mao, attended the Pope’s birthday celebration, zipped the canopy of the Yucatan, witnessed the violence of Greek protesters, and flew an airplane over downtown Orlando. Travel is like staring into the face of history.

My personal philosophy…

“Success is measured by the quality of experience that makes you the person of your fullest potential.”

Educational Background…

Continued Ed (LIM) Post-Doc. Graduate Theology,
Loyola University, New Orleans, LA
Ed. D. Argosy University, Tampa, FL, Educational Leadership, concentration Higher Ed/Curriculum/Instruction
MLS Rollins College, Winter Park, FL, Master of Liberal Studies, concentration in Humanities/Fine Arts
BA Rollins College, Winter Park, FL, Bachelor of Arts, concentration in Humanities


West Campus
Division of Fine Arts


virtual hours daily