Meg Curtiss

Professor & Program Chair
Graphic & Interactive Design, West Campus
Co-Faculty Advisor of PHOENIX Magazine—Valencia's Student Art & Literary Magazine

Having extensive experience working in Marketing, Public Relations and Publishing since 1995 and as a print and web graphic designer, Creative Director, and as a freelance Graphic Designer in the Orlando area since 1998, Meg has been teaching at Valencia as an Adjunct Instructor 2001.

A Full-time Tenured Faculty member since 2008, Meg also serves as Program Chair for Graphic & Interactive Design on West Campus, and as co-faculty advisor of PHOENIX Magazine—Valencia College's Student Art & Literary Magazine

She has taught:

Computer Animation(GRA2160)
Web Design(GRA2141)
Graphic Design Essentials(GRA1142c)
Adobe Illustrator (GRA2156c)
Layout Design (GRA1203c)
Phoenix Design Project(GRA1956c)
Portfolio Prep (GRA1180c)
Portfolio Review (GRA1951c)
Fundamentals of Creative Thinking(GRA1933c)
Graphic Reproduction Processes (GRA2310c)
Advanced Graphic Design I (GRA2113c)
Advanced Graphic Design II (GRA2182c)
History of Graphic Design(1109)


West Campus
3-150a (west campus)


SUMMER 2023 office hours:

Mondays—virtual via zoom, slack & email
(on campus by appt. only)
11am – 12:30pm

Tuesdays—on west campus (3-150a), via zoom, slack & email
10am – 2pm

Wednesdays—virtual via zoom, slack & email
(on campus by appt. only)
11am – 12:30pm

Thursdays—on west campus (3-150a), via zoom, slack & email
10am – 2pm

Fridays—virtual via zoom, slack & email
11am – 12pm

Saturdays & Sundays off. 

To schedule a zoom meeting with me through CALENDLY visit:

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