Melissa Jones

Professor of English

As a higher education professional, I have worked for universities across Central Florida since 2007. I have been an English faculty lead, teaching and learning coordinator, associate dean, and, in my current full-time position, I serve as a Faculty Development Specialist.

As an advocate for the power of online learning, my goal is to bring innovative technology solutions, mindful practices, and design thinking to online teaching. Part-time, I continue to teach composition and literature courses and believe that being called “obnoxiously excited about English” on a student evaluation is the greatest feedback I've ever received.

Most of my own research and writing examines online learning, authentic student voices, revelations and redemption, reflective insights, and often have a focus on self-awareness, LGBTQ+ communities, and nature. Personally, I am an active member of several human rights organizations, practice yoga and veganism, and adore flat-faced dogs. I live here in Orlando and am slightly obsessed with local businesses and politics.


East Campus


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