Mandy Mahaffey

Mandy Mahaffey graduated from the University of Central Florida with a Masters of Arts degree in Literature with a forthcoming Doctor of Education (EdD) degree from the University of West Florida.

Mandy has been active in the teaching community since 2004 at both secondary and postsecondary levels, as a substitute teacher and college instructor, and has tutored students individually and collectively since 2000. She has taught English, Psychology, and Women’s Studies courses at the University of Central Florida, Seminole State College, and Valencia College. She always looks forward to a fantastic semester with her students!

Mandy has studied creative writing under best-selling authors and well-known poets, like Francesca Lia Block (author of the Weetzie Bat books), and has maintained professional contact with authors, scholars, and activists, such as Rebecca Walker, Maria Nikolajeva, and more. She has published fiction and poetry as a creative writer and, in more scholarly pursuits, authored academic articles for peer reviewed journals.

Mandy believes in the power of the individual, building groups, linking communities, and crossing boundaries. She believes in the importance of being earnest, punning, poetic justice, smiling openly and sincerely at everyone, “paying it forward,” and brightening someone’s day. Most importantly, she believes in a good time teaching and learning, and hopes to inspire others in their academic journeys.

Mandy challenges her students to work diligently and perform well, not to overwhelm them, but to expand perspectives and encourage personal growth. She has been most inspired by bell hooks's pedagogical practices, particularly those which are outlined in Teaching to Transgress.

In her free time, Mandy likes to travel, cook, read, exercise, write creatively and scholarly, participate in community service projects, and enjoy the company of friends and family. Mandy loves to serve as a mentor for students seeking guidance in the literary and creative professional fields as well.

You can find Mandy's Curriculum Vitae online at and LinkedIn.

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Valencia Certificates:

  • Digital Professor - Certified
  • LifeMap - Certified
  • Seneff Honors College - Certified
Other Certifications:

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator - Certified by the Myers-Briggs Foundation