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Let's be subtle about this, we do want to do business with them in the future....


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Important Announcements
Tests for online classes

Please be advised that the tests (not quizzes) for online classes require  proctoring at an official testing center.  Students may use the closest Valencia Testing Center or an official out-of-town testing facility.   For out-of town students, it is the student's responsibility to make arrangements and forward the necessary information regarding the official testing facility as stated in the specific course syllabus. 
Last updated 12/10/2009

Course Materials


Always purcahse the most current edition of the book.  Some courses  may require an access code.  If the access code does not come with the book, then students may be required to purchase it separately from the publisher.  Please refer to the specific course syllabus for details.

Last updated 12/10/2009