Maisha Wilder

Visiting Professor

I am Maisha Wilder, originally from South Carolina, now a proud Floridian. From the weather to the people and even the traffic, I am glad to call the Sunshine State, home.

My journey started here in 2017, as an adjunct instructor and has matured to being a full-time Visiting Professor.

As a professor in the New Student Experience department, I have the honor of teaching college and life skills to our students that will impact their core subjects and career aspirations. The foundational tools I share through teaching, are intended to help them build their career and academic goals upon, so that throughout an ever-changing life and society, the foundation will be strong enough to withstand the changes and growth they will experience.

Being a faculty member at Valencia, is really like being a member of a family. My position here is my calling, and not my career.

I am proud to be a Valencian!