Patricia (PK) Hajek

Professor of Political Science
Valencia College, West Campus

As an explorer of politics, policies, and people, I have traveled the world and lived in many different countries and cities. It is my goal to inspire students and facilitate critical thinking of state-society relations in different political environments by drawing on my teaching, research, and life experiences in working with local community actors, conducting field research, and living abroad in various countries.

I have stories from all kinds of places and people that I have interacted with in my life. I hope to share some of my stories, as well as to hear about your experiences. As my mother always told me, "We are the sum of our experiences." I look forward to hearing about your unique experiences and creating an inclusive classroom environment. Get ready for this journey, political crew!

Summer 2024 Course Offerings:

-POS 2041, U.S. Government
-POS 2112 H, State & Local Government Honors (with Global Distinction)

Fall 2024 Course Offerings & More:

-POS 2232, Government and the Media
-POS 2041, U.S. Government
-POS 2112, State & Local Government
-POS 2112H, State & Local Government Honors (with Global Distinction)
-IDH 2912, Honors Research Project
-SLS 2940/SLS 2940H, Service Learning/Service Learning Honors

Teaching and Research Interests Include:

Political Economy; Modes of Governance; Interest Groups, Policy Development & Implementation; Data Analysis, Scope and Methods; Democratization, Democratic Consolidation; Identity Politics; Urban Development, Urban Regimes; State Politics; Political Philosophy; Foreign Policy; Area Studies; European Union Policy; and Developing/Developed Countries


-Doctorate of Political Science, Comparative Politics & Urban Politics, University of Illinois at Chicago (ABD)
-Masters of Political Science, International Studies, University of Central Florida
-Bachelor of Political Science, International Relations & Comparative Politics, University of Central Florida


-Council for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) Certificate (State of Illinois, December 2009)
-Digital Professor Certificate (Valencia College, Florida, May 2020)
-Associate Faculty Certificate (Valencia College, Florida, 2020/ 2021/2022/2023
-Destination 2021: Equity-Minded Practice Certificate (Valencia College, Florida, June 2021)
-Destination 2022: Impacts of Toxic Stress Certificate (Valencia College, Florida, June 2022)
-Destination 2023: Constructing Student Engagement and Connection Online (Valencia College, Florida, June 2023)
-LifeMap Certificate (Valencia College, Florida, August 2022)
-Seneff Honors College Certificate (Valencia College, Florida, May 2023)
-Introduction to Service Learning Certificate (Valencia College, Florida, July 2023).
-Study Abroad Certificate (Valencia College, Florida, November 2023)

Professional & Membership Affiliations:

-American Political Science Association
-Midwest Political Science Association
-Southern Political Science Association
-Gypsy Lore Society
-Phi Kappa Phi

Best Way to Contact Me:


West Campus
Remote & In-Person (West Campus)
Faculty WebSite


--Spring 2024 Office Hours--

Zoom: Weds 9-11AM and Thurs 4-6PM, or by Appointment through Email, Telegram, or GOT/HOTD Raven.
In-Person: Tues 9-10AM and 11:30-2PM, & Thurs 12-2:15PM, (West Campus).

Languages: : English; German; French; Romanian; Romany