Patrick Szymanski

Adjunct Professor of Humanities

Undergraduate Education: BA in Humanities from the University of Central Florida - 2007.

Graduate Education: MLS from Rollins College - 2011.

Courses Taught - primarily HUM 2220 Greek and Roman Humanities, and occasionally HUM 2250 20th Century Humanities.

Teaching Philosophy - My approach to teaching is multifaceted, as I work to combine traditional lecture with Socratic dialogue, multimedia presentations, group discussion and student-led presentations for a well-rounded learning-centered experience. I also strive to highlight universal and cross-cultural concepts as they pertain to parallels in our modern world, thus helping to reinforce the importance of studying the humanities in our contemporary era.

Research and Interests - Ancient Greece and Rome, Existential Philosophy, Philosophy of Woodworking, Stringed instrument history and construction, Afro-Caribbean history and culture, Contemporary American and European politics, and world travel.


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