Rudolph Darden

Professor of English

Being raised in a single-family home with seven kids meant that Rudy Darden knew, at an early age, the significance of perseverance. He encountered many obstacles growing up, and as he matured, he began to take notice of the traits of those who persevered despite setbacks and let-downs. The outlook that he has gained from his experiences and observations has propelled him into high levels of success in many areas of his life. He is currently a college professor, writer, Marine Corps veteran, mentor, and father. He successfully fulfilled all of these roles while he was in his twenties, which allows him to have credibility with most of his college students as he, in their eyes, is "one of us." Relating to this generation and the plight of the average college student, Professor Darden has developed an uncanny ability to captivate college audiences while preparing them for educational success in the future. Many students find themselves walking away from his English classes and tutoring sessions with a new found appreciation and outlook towards academic formal English while also engaging in many discussions and learning opportunities that are unique and enriching.


West Campus
Bldg 5 Rm 133


Face to Face: MW: 9:30am -10am, Tues: 2pm - 4pm, Thurs: 1:30 - 2:30pm

Online/Phone: Tues: 6pm - 8:00pm and Fri: 11am - 12pm

Phone: (407) 582-1857

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