Roger Young

Associate Adjunct Professor of Philosophy

At some point in my undergraduate studies in philosophy and psychology, it occurred to me that certain existential concerns such as 'what is our purpose?' or 'what happens when we die?' are inherent to the human condition. How one goes about navigating these concerns, I thought, must have a profoundly impactful effect on one's worldview and overall quality of life, especially when one struggles to come to satisfying conclusions.

This issue has been the driving force of my studies as an interdisciplinary researcher.

At present, my specific interests involve existential isolation, I-sharing, shared reality, meaning-making, and close relationships.


I won't be holding on-campus office hours for the academic year. However, I do check my email regularly throughout the week. Please feel free to contact me via email.

Degrees : B.A., Psychology, Cleveland State University B.A., Philosophy, Cleveland State University M.A., Philosophy, Cleveland State University