Scott R. Crosby

Professor of Political Science

Courses taught: US Government, State and Local Government, International Politics

Pedagogy: As a student in Professor Crosby's class you'll find a challenging course where a variety of methods such as lecture, class discussion, group activities, and critical thinking exercises are employed in an effort to help students master the assigned material.

Professor Scott R. Crosby was born in Fort Lauderdale but has roots in Canada, Virginia, and South Florida. Graduating from Plantation High School (Plantation, FL) in 1990, he moved to Orlando to attend Valencia College. After graduating from Valencia, he attended the University of West Florida (BA Political Science/ BA Sociology) as well as Florida International University (MA Political Science). The rest is Valencia College history as he's been here since 2001.

When Professor Crosby isn't corrupting the minds of his students, he enjoys traveling across the country attending NASCAR races and hockey games.

There are a few ways to contact Professor Crosby. You can walk out your door and holler real loud (probably not the best way), attempt to send ESP signals to his mind (again, not a sure fire way of communication), call his office at 407-299-5000 x1043, or email him at


West Campus
407-299-5000 x1043


TR 10-11:30am
MTWR 1-2:30pm
F 9:00-11:00am (by e-mail only)