Professor Tilsik Hagan, M.A.

Valencia College - West Campus

Professor Hagan obtained her Master's degree in Spanish from the University of Central Florida. She has been teaching for over 10 years at Valencia College as a Part-Time, Visiting Spanish Professor, and on Contract.
She has a double Bachelor's from UCF in Spanish and Motion Picture Technology and graduated with Honors for her undergraduate and graduate degrees.
Originally from Caracas, Venezuela, her family immigrated to the United States when she was six. She has traveled to various places in North America and Europe throughout her life.
Professor Hagan is a dedicated and energetic individual who finds joy in teaching the Spanish language as well as all of its rich heritage.

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West Campus
Valencia WC Bldg 5 Room 146 (Please, all meetings/bookings by appointment only).
(407) 582-6600
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(Please, all meetings/bookings by appointment only).
• Monday/Tuesday/Thursday/Friday 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM via telephone/Zoom
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Important Announcements

Learning a foreign language requires time and effort. Recommended allocated time for this course: As students, you are encouraged to learn to manage your time wisely. What does this mean regarding this class? Since it is a 4-credit hour class, you should multiply 4 times 4 which is equal to 16 hours of study time per week for this course. This means that if you divide 16 (hours) by 7 (days of the week), you are expected to study and work in this class for at least 2.5 hours daily. Out of those 2.5 hours, at least 20 minutes should be devoted to studying and memorizing vocabulary daily.
Last updated 5/3/2024


We will officially start using the new “Portales 2.0” (2022) edition in the Spring of 2023. If you wait until the Spring of 2023 to take or retake Elementary Spanish 2, then you would need to purchase the new textbook edition of “Portales 2.0” (2022). Note: If you did not pass SPN 1121 in the Fall of 2022 and want to retake SPN 1121, you will need to purchase the new edition of Portales 2.0 (2022).
Last updated 5/3/2024