Course Materials for Dr. Struganova

PHY2048C: Physics with Calculus I
First semester of two semesters physics course for science and engineering majors

  • Student Expectations in Physics with Calculus I  (docx)
         72K: < 1 minute @ 56k

  • CollegeBoard algebra and trig readiness test  (External Link)

  • CollegeBoard High School Physics college readiness test  (External Link)

  • AplusPhysics Regent Physics Course  (External Link)

  • Khan Academy AP Physics 1  (External Link)

  • PhysicsClassroom Resources  (External Link)

  • PHY204C: Physics with Calculus II
    This is the second course in the two semester sequence. To succeed in the course, you are expected to have all skills required for PHY2048C, advanced calculus skills, and good knowledge of PHY2048C material

    Descriptive Astronomy (AST1002)
  • Spring 2017 Syllabus  (docx)
         31K: < 1 minute @ 56k

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