Course Materials for Dr. Philippe

MAN2300 Introduction to Human Resources Management
COURSE DESCRIPTION INTRODUCTION TO HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT The course is an overview of the field of human resources management. The role of the human resources department will be emphasized with particular attention being focused upon the importance of the supervisors and executives. This course will discuss business in the traditional and the electronic environment. COURSE OUTCOMES Understanding and appreciation of the skills, attitude, and perseverance required to create and build a small business. Competence in creating a road map for a successful business - the Business Plan. Skill in locating resources for Small Business development. Experience in the utilization of common evaluative tools to measure business performance.

MNA2320 - Human Resources Recruitment & Staffing
HUMAN RESOURCES RECRUITMENT, SELECTION AND STAFFING Prerequisite: MAN 2300Links to an external site. This course examines how the functions of recruitment, selection and staffing/training fit into a Human Resources Department. Students will practice analyzing positions, recruiting qualified applicants, interviewing candidates for employment and, once hired, orient and train them. COURSE OUTCOMES: The student will be able to learn different recruitment resources when advertising. · The student will be able to learn the cost of turnover, and how poor quality, and low productivity can increase the costs of the hiring process. · The student will be able to learn how to market a hiring company in a way that will attract the type of applicants the firm is seeking. · The student will be able to learn how to use an employment application as a screening tool and assess a candidate’s motivation to do the job.