Cindy Connery Boone

Associate Professor, adjunct

  • Associate Professor Adjunct

  • Carried out rainforest research at Smithsonian Institute's Barro Colorado Island, Panama during two "dry" seasons

  • Studied rainforests in Panama, Costa Rico, Guatemala, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Alaska, New Zealand, Australia and other Pacific Islands

  • Started teaching Rainforest Ecology for the Winter Park Campus in 1991

  • Studied plant habitats and participated in bird identification for the Everglades National Park since 1978

  • Wrote and taught webct6/blackboard course Everglades Ecology for summer 2007 and future semesters

  • Studied coral reefs off of Barbados
  • Retired Senior Biological Research Scientist from the University of Florida

  • Taught Biology 1010 and Human Anatomy at Valencia West Campus for 3 years


Winter Park Campus


Because I am an adjunct professor the easiest way to reach me is through my Valencia email address. I am available to all my students when my class begins via mail within the blackboard course.

When will I be teaching my Rainforest or Everglades classes again?: Everglades Ecology Blackboard Online Class will be offered for Summer 2011. The Rainforest Ecology Hybrid Class is now offered under the title Neotropical Biology. Check the courses offered to see if they are being offered during the semester you are interested.