Course Materials for Dr. Ciesko

Developmental Psychology
COURSE DESCRIPTION Designed to survey theory and research on development from conception through death. Emphasizes biological and social variables which influence human behavior. LEARNING OUTCOMES: • Students should gain an overall view of genetics, prenatal development and birth. • Students should become familiar with normal patterns of body, brain, and motor-skill development during infancy. • Students should be able to demonstrate knowledge of physical, cognitive and psychosocial development during the play years, and how physiological maturation is related to school readiness. • Students should be able to describe patterns of normal growth, and their variations, during the school years, • Students should be able to describe the biological, cognitive and psychosocial changes that take place during adolescence. • Students should be able to describe the normal age-related changes in early adulthood to middle adulthood. • Students should be able to understand the roots of ageism and its effect on the individual and society. • Students should better understand our culture's treatment of death and dying, and to appreciate the way in which our attitudes affect the process of adjusting to bereavement.

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  • General Psychology
    COURSE DESCRIPTION: Life-oriented course in psychology, designed to give student factual foundation in techniques and vocabulary of psychology and general understanding of human behavior. Surveys, research and application of psychology in areas of learning, intelligence, motivation, emotion, personality, behavior disorders, mental health and therapy. LEARNING OUTCOMES: Students will learn the definition of psychology and the historical roots of this discipline. They will be actively involved in learning and integrating practical applications including investigating personality traits, learning theory, brain function and how it affects behavior. Students will enhance critical thinking through discussion of the major principles of growth and development. Communication will be enhanced through writing and oral presentations.

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